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Ali Ali
Jul 30, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
For many brands and websites, landing pages play a vital role in marketing. After users open the landing page, they can instantly understand what this website does, what products and services it offers, and will not be distracted by other information. Precisely b2b data because of the unique status of the landing page, its role in branding and content marketing is hard to ignore. For a landing page to function properly and have a strong enough conversion rate, you need to design it based on your target audience. But how do you design a landing page for a website platform with a wide audience and diverse user types? In today’s article, let’s take a look at such a landing page design case. The designer of this design practice today is Ludmila Shevchenko. Task Design a landing page with a corresponding custom digital illustration. processing The demand is from British company Collectively Intelligent Limited, which owns an online digital collaboration platform called Colony. This platform was created to help people in different countries and regions around the world to co-create companies through it. In the community, different users can cooperate around a goal, create collaboratively, manage funds together, and share project income. In the process, these people do not even need to know each other, they only need to have the same goal and collaborate through the platform. . Clients asked for an individually designed landing page that would convey their value proposition in a relatively simple and approachable design. Colony is a mature, complex product, so the main function of the landing page is to help people understand how it works and what to expect from it. Landing Page Design Some would argue that including as many product details as possible on your landing page will attract users. But in fact, a landing page should not contain excessive information, but should make users pay attention to the core value of the product and highlight the information that is beneficial to users. Therefore, when designing, it is usually a relatively simple and clear visual design, which is presented through several cohesive UI elements (such as CTA buttons and forms). To design the landing page around the core features, the designer needs to plan the entire layout hierarchically and the priority of each part. An effective visual hierarchy facilitates the user's gradual access to information. Custom illustrations often appear on landing pages as important UI components to help users understand product features and concepts. Therefore, the use of illustrations in the position of the first image is a fairly common and effective choice. In order to design a more effective first image illustration, Arthur Avakyan and Denis Boldyriev in the Tubik team also participated in the brainstorming and creative design of the first image illustration. Designers try to design with the concept of interconnecting users in different regions of the planet. Here are the illustrations they designed based on this concept: Illustration by Ludmila Shevchenko
Case Analysis  How to design a professional product landing page content media
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Ali Ali

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